[MPlayer-users] Building MPlayer and XMMS

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Tue Mar 5 02:31:34 CET 2013

Hi Elio Blanca!

 On 2013.03.05 at 01:15:28 +0100, Elio Blanca wrote next:

> >There is intermediate one, but it's kind of a hack because it'll help
> >only people like you who "borrowed" libxmms from somewhere (and no
> >guarantee it'll work at all). Just create stubs for few x11 & gtk
> >functions that plugin might call - after all, I don't really think it
> >*neeeds* them for something nice, but if it does, this way won't work. I
> >believe there should be some way to automate stubs creation, though I
> >don't know how.
> Should I put these stub functions into mplayer source?
> And how do I know how to name each of them? Where do I get the prototypes?

You should at least post log showing current error..
It depends on what kind of problem you have. If plugin is linked with
other libraries, then dlopen() call will try to load all these libraries
and you'll get an error if it won't find some. I don't have deep
knowledge of this, but I believe there should be a way to workaround it
(remove libraries from this list somehow?)

As for the functions, something like
nm -D <your plugin> | grep \ U
should give list of functions it needs; most will be from glibc and
libxmms and such, though, but some like g_* functions will be from glib.
For prototypes, they would be in corresponding headers, like headers
from glib developer package for glib functions and so on.

Yes, putting them in mplayer source should suffice, as long as you
export these symbols the plugin will use them instead of symbols in
library (like it happens with getbits function). By default mplayer
links such way so internal functions aren't exported, though.



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