[MPlayer-users] Building MPlayer and XMMS

Elio Blanca eblanca76 at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 3 17:15:46 CET 2013

The whole thing is actually a huge work, and I expected this.
Well, xmms-1.2.11 (the "latest") needs gtk+, glib, atk, cairo (maybe), libpng and others.
gtk+ (1.x, of course) needs glib
glib doesn't want to build on a recent system.
Everything I build from scratch needs some other ancient library or doesn't event build due to a 
missing feature in recent versions of a particular library.
These issues bring away my will to go on in using that old mp3pro plugin with mplayer.


Mplayer needs the dynamic library libxmms, IIRC, not the full xmms application.
Now, I do not know the xmms code, but here's an idea.
A library (libxmms.so.1) is NOT a full application, it does NOT need a gui: no gimp toolkit, no 
buttons, no events, no pixmaps, no fonts, no audio library, nothing at all. Maybe some file 
manipulating routine.
I mean, the core routines mplayer needs in order to access the old xmms plugins have to be "simple", 
have not they? Further, I believe they not to be so many.
Is theoretically possible to "extract" those routines from xmms source tree for including them into 
mplayer source? (after all, xmms was GPL licensed) This could free mplayer from depending upon 
ancient xmms source code, and go using directly its plugins (and avoiding this possibility goes lost 
within next few years).
Truth to be said, even id feasible, I really don't know HOW.
Any ideas?

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