[MPlayer-users] Are mencoder lossless codecs really lossless?

Marco Munderloh munderl at tnt.uni-hannover.de
Mon Jul 8 19:26:39 CEST 2013

On 08.07.2013 17:33, James Board wrote:
> My input file is an uncompressed raw YUV 4.2.2 format.  I want to compress individual frames with a lossless codec.  My mencoder implementation listed three such codecs it the man page: 
> 	* ljpeg: lossless jpeg
> ffv1: FFmpeg's lossless video codec
> 	* ffvhuff: nonstandard 20% smaller HuffYUV using VY12
> I encoded my file using the following:
>     mencoder -ovc lavc -lavcopts ljpeg -oac copy -o out.avi in.avi

You have to specify format=422P to the lavcopts to get 422 encoding, it
would use 420 otherwise (see manpage).

And there is also the x264 encoder, which will, if qp=0 is specified,
encode lossless (but only 420 I guess).

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