[MPlayer-users] Turning GNOME MPlayer into a normal one

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Fri Feb 22 00:40:16 CET 2013

Hello everybody.

On my system, whenever mplayer is running, it's called "GNOME MPlayer"
(application name on top in gnome shell). This is unrelated to its
current window title: for example, Firefox has window title with the
name of current page, but is displayed as "Firefox" app; and
gnome-terminal can have custom title but is always called "Терминал" (at
least in russian locale).

The question is, why is custom-compiled mplayer that is executed from
~/Software/bin gets "GNOME MPlayer" title (and specific icon)? This is
unrelated to mplayer's executable name, I can rename it and it'll still
be "GNOME MPlayer". This happens with any x11-based vo. This is
unrelated to actual "gnome-mplayer" binary - it happens whether I have
gnome-mplayer package installed or not.

For the record, mplayer2, which is usually compiled into binary with
"mplayer" name too, is always called "mplayer2", not "GNOME MPlayer2" or
"mplayer" or anything. gnome-mplayer is called "GNOME MPlayer", just
like normal mplayer.

I searched mplayer sources for code which makes it called "GNOME
MPlayer" but haven't found anything like that. It kind of irritates me -
I only want gnome-mplayer application (which I don't use anyway) to have
that name.

This is Fedora 18 x86-64 system, gnome 3.6 with gnome-shell 3.6.3 and
mplayer "SVN-r35905-4.7.2".



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