[MPlayer-users] Problem encoding NTSC tape on a PAL-converting player

Lobster lobo at lobs.sytes.net
Sun Feb 10 20:47:28 CET 2013

On 11/02/2013 12:05 a.m., Len Padilla wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an NTSC VHS tape, and I am playing it with a PAL-converting player. When connected to a television it displays perfectly. I am trying to capture this tape using mencoder on Linux. I've captured several PAL tapes and that works fine. The problem with this tape is that the video is 'vertically displaced' and there is a green bar at the bottom of the frame. Here is a page with screen shots: http://padilla.net/mencoder
> Any ideas on what I can do to get the colors and the framing right?

Looking at those screen shots you made, from experience that looks to me 
like the VHS player isn't sending out a true PAL or NTSC image and your 
capture device does not like it.

Are those colour modes for your screen shots changed at the capture card 
side or the VHS player side?

I might suggest if they are at the capture card side to try to change 
the VHS players mode if you can, and change the capture card to the same 
mode your VHS is sending. (you are likely better off to set the VHS to 
output NTSC and then set the capture card to NTSC if you can for that 
particular tape)

I don't think that MEncoder is your problem at all here.

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