[MPlayer-users] All XVID encoded videos with size 624x352 cause mplayer to segfault (current and previous svn snapshots)

Mike Gorchak mike.gorchak.qnx at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 10:02:41 CET 2013

>> >> >> Which compiler are you using?
>> >> > gcc 4.2.2
>> >> Sorry, 4.4.2.
>> > Is the crash also reproducible with a newer gcc version?
>> 4.4.2 is the latest gcc for QNX. QNX has gcc 4.7.0, but this gcc
>> version has experimental status.
>> By the way, all assembler files are compiled using yasm, not the gcc.
> You can test --yasm='' (not sure but there is an option
> to disable yasm) if you believe this is assembler-related.

There two different issues combined into the one. 1) SSE2 optimized
functions require special buffer layout (height/width/stride aligns),
but these restrictions were not checked before calling such functions.
2) Buffer allocation algorithm has some issues, because it allocates 8
bytes aligned buffers, while all functions expect 16 bytes aligned

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