[MPlayer-users] Cannot resume mplayer after pausing

Alexis Praga alexispraga at mailoo.org
Sun Dec 15 19:02:12 CET 2013

So the good news : the problem seems to be resolved with a different
audio driver. Here what's working (so far) on my system : jack, pulse, sdl.

Below are some answers to your other questions.

>> >   Does it also happen when you run mplayer with an empty config?
>> Yes.
>   Did you try?
Yes, and the following tests were made on an empty configuration files.

>   You could try to compile newest MPlayer yourself
> from SVN trunk and see if the issue still happens.
Yes, same issue.

>   How do you "exit" mplayer when the problem occurs?
With 'Esc'.

>   Can you reproduce with every file you play?

>   Can you reproduce with a different video output? (see -vo help)
>   Can you reproduce with a different audio output? (see -ao help)
Only alsa seems to have a problem.

> Might something else be using ALSA? Were you possibly using pulseaudio
> when you were using gnome?
I ran the tests on a "clean" system, that is, without any ALSA processes
running in my knowledge. If you know how to check that, please tell me.

Pulseaudio is actually running so there may be a configuration issuse somewhere.

So I'm using pulse as a solution, but if you have any pointer on how to
find the issue, I would be glad to hear it.


Alexis Praga, PhD Student (CERFACS)
GPG key : 66F9 4BD4 70EC E5D5 2AA4  9097 0673 7CE2 4671 306F

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