[MPlayer-users] Produce 422 format pixels with mencoder for mpeg4-encoding

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 11 21:43:53 CET 2013

>I said H.264 aka MPEG-4 AVC aka MPEG-4 part 10.

>The FFmpeg encoder with the unfortunate (but historical)
>name of "mpeg4" is MPEG-4 ASP aka MPEG-4 part 2, sometimes
>(incorrectly) also called DivX or XviD.
>Which is why people are completely confused by your

Okay, that explains why I'm confused as well

>> the spec.  I'd like to know if I can produce MPEG4 files with 
>> YUV422 pixels with mencoder.
>MPEG-4 AVC yes, MPEG-4 ASP no.

Okay.  How can I create MPEG-4 AVC files with mencoder?

>> Okay.  I want to play the files with mplayer.
>Good, because (almost?) no hardware decoders support 422 in
>any way, shape or form, no matter the codec.

I'm not planning on using a hardware decoder.

Actually I'm only trying to capture video, inverse telecine
it, edit it, then encode it (mpeg4).  Since the pixels are captured
in 422 format, that is why I looked into using 422 format for the
entire process.  Why throw away pixel accuracy?

However, if have to eventually convert to 420 format, then I
might as well convert to 420 format from the beginning (less
space, and faster processing).  So that is why I'm trying to figure
this out.

If I can create mpeg4 files with 422 pixels in mencoder, then I'll
do that.

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