[MPlayer-users] Explicit format check problem

Alejandro Liu alejandro_liu at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 20 10:14:06 CET 2012

In trunk r35243 there was a check added to mplayer/libmpcodecs/vd_hmblck.c so that only streams that are 32x32 are allowed.
The commit message states:
  The code assumes the input image contains whole macroblocks (16x16).
  Since same thing applies to the downsampled chroma channels,
  the final requirement is the image to be multiple of 32.
  Also, add explicit pixel format check at init.
I am not sure about the accuracy of this statement but it means that I can't use mplayer to view live video from my PVR250 card anymore.  The capture card is generating a 720 pixel wide signal (which is a multiple of 16 but not of 32).
If you refer to the IVTV driver documentation: http://ivtvdriver.org/pipermail/ivtv-devel/2009-November/006299.html
they say:
  the cx18 driver restricts YUV captures to sizes which are a
  multiple of 32 lines in height.  I believe the reasoning is that the
  software HM12 decoders may not gracefully handle a partial macroblock
  set when not a multiple of 32 lines.
So perhaps the check should be on the basis of 32 lines in height and 16 pixes in width.


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