[MPlayer-users] MPlayer freezes on toggle fullscreen on paused video in SMplayer GUI

None None s-trace at list.ru
Sun Nov 18 01:02:59 CET 2012

Hello. I'm using MPlayer SVN-r35420-4.7
In SMplayer 0.8.0 Qt 4.8.3 (built with Qt 4.8.1) I expecting freezes when pausing and then toggling fullscreen mode of video. MPlayer just play some more frames after toggling, freeze and not respond to any user commands anymore.
Bug is reproducable on any video, just play a little with SPACE and F keys sequentaly. I'm using KUbuntu 12.10 AMD64.
MPlayer svn r34540 (Ubuntu) from repository seems to be affected by this trouble too. MPlayer2 from repository seems not be affected.
I had built mine versiom simply by ./configure;make;make install.
Thank You. 

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