[MPlayer-users] mplayer compiled in windows - segmentation fault

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Mon Nov 12 20:51:15 CET 2012

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 05:17:01PM +0100, gmane.comp.video.mencoder.user wrote:
> Il 10/11/2012 17:46, Reimar Döffinger ha scritto:
> >I would suggest compiling from cygwin, with the mingw64 packages that come with it (using gcc 4.5), and only setting the --cc, --ranlib and --windres options to the versions with x86_64-w64-mingw32 prefix.
> >In particular do not set --target (and make sure to use latest SVN).
> great
> works. play mpg
> I removed target parameter and added wildres.
> Detected operating system: MINGW32
> Have not been necessary modifications, just add

I said "only setting the --cc, --ranlib and --windres options" for a
very good reason, all those manual hacks you do still make no sense.

>  libass/ass.o libass/ass_library.o libass/ass_render_api.o
> libass/ass_render.o libass/ass_utils.o \
>  libass/ass_strtod.o libass/ass_cache.o libass/ass_fontconfig.o
> libass/ass_bitmap.o libass/ass_shaper.o \
>  libass/ass_drawing.o libass/ass_parse.o libass/ass_font.o \
> for error
> D:/C++LIB-mingw/local64/lib\libass.a(ass_render.o):(.text+0x1a3d):
> undefined reference to `FT_Stroker_Done'
> D:/C++LIB-mingw/local64/lib\libass.a(ass_render.o):(.text+0x4ec2):
> undefined reference to `FT_Outline_GetOutsideBorder'
> D:/C++LIB-mingw/local64/lib\libass.a(ass_render.o):(.text+0x4ed6):
> undefined reference to `FT_Stroker_ParseOutline'
> D:/C++LIB-mingw/local64/lib\libass.a(ass_render.o):(.text+0x4eff):
> undefined reference to `FT_Stroker_GetBorderCounts'
> D:/C++LIB-mingw/local64/lib\libass.a(ass_render.o):(.text+0x4f4d):
> undefined reference to `FT_Stroker_ExportBorder'

The effect of this is that your libass.a will not be used at all,
so it is completely pointless to link against it.
In addition, the internal libass you force to be compiled in will
be completely useless, since no font renderer is enabled.
You will need e.g. libfreetype.

> and
> /local/lib/xvidcore.a /local/lib/libfaac.a /local/lib/libx264.a

You don't need to add these manually if you just stopped using the
--enable-* options! (well, you might have to use

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