[MPlayer-users] Playing a DVD with -vf pullup without duplicated frames

gillou.ray at free.fr gillou.ray at free.fr
Sat Nov 10 06:18:47 CET 2012


I’m trying to play a DVD with mplayer. It’s telecined content so I
tried the the pullup video filter. Works great, but the video is not
as smooth as if I encode it with the pullup filter instead of playing
it. I figured that’s because mplayer doesn’t drop the duplicated frames
that result from the pullup process, and still plays the DVD at
29.976 FPS. I can easily see it by stepping frame by frame with the '.'
key, there’s one duplicated frame every four frames. Therefore motions
are a bit choppy.

In other words, I’m comparing this (smooth, 23.976 FPS):
  mencoder dvd://1 -o video.avi -vf pullup,softskip
           -fps 30000/1001 -ofps 24000/1001 -oac ...

To this (choppy, 29.976 FPS):
  mplayer dvd://1 -vf pullup

I would like mplayer to drop the duplicated frames too and play the DVD
at 23.976 FPS, but I havn’t seen anywhere how to do this. Is that
possible? Something like a softskip filter for mplayer.

		— gillux
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