[MPlayer-users] how to enable hardware acceleration video decoding based on stagefright of android ?

Leo leowang55 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 09:05:33 CET 2012

lean fu <fulean <at> gmail.com> writes:

> hi list:
> ffmpeg 0.10 or later has "libstagefright.cpp" providing hardware
> acceleration on android ,
> and there's an building script at " ffmpeg/tool/build_libstagefright"  for
> compiling this feature ,
> but unfortunate, 'configure' of mplayer  don't  support
> "--enable-libstagefright-h264" ,
> i have to modify config.h and config.mak  to add some stagefright related
> macro manually.
> and change  the 'name'  member of  ff_libstagefright_h264_decoder  from
> "libstagefright_h264" to "h264".
> after these changes, when play a file contains h264,  procedure  will call
> into  'Stagefright_decode_frame'.
> but the picture  looks abnormal , sometimes appears  full  blue(or green)
> screen,for some 1080p files,even throw fatal errors.
> had  somebody  get  the stagefright features works successfully? and is
> there some more simple way that
> i can integrate the stagefright feature into my android port of mplayer ?
> any reply is very appreciated, thanks !
I am using stagefright in ffmpeg.
But I don't have the condition as yours.
Please tell me how did you cross compile the libstagefright.so?
Or use the pre-built in android-source?

As my condition, it will product libffmpeg.so and libstagefright.so,
and I will loadlibrary them into java code.

And the api of decoder usage is the same as normal ffmpeg, it will call into 

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