[MPlayer-users] How to generate soft subtitles with mencoder ?

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Thanks Mark. 

I downloaded winff and will see if it works better; it seems that winff is a wrapepr around ffmpeg; not sure what avidemux uses. I did answer yes to safe mode but i think gtk was confused by the window size avidemux tried to create. I'm running  ubuntu 11.10 with gnome; and unfortunately ubuntu really wants to use unified and in 11.10 they have not done a very good job with gnome (all of this is unrelated to converting videos; but it has caused some issues with graphic interfaces)
Anyways i'll spend a litlte more time with winff tomorrow; though if i can figure out what voodoo is needed for winff then i should be able to move those switches into mencoder :)
however it does sound like i would be better off (well less time) just extracting the subtitles with mkvtoolnix and including the second file with the video stream (that's what acidrip did when I use to read directly from dvd)

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> Thanks.  I gave avidemux a try but it crashed when it tired to
> load the source mkv files I had; the other program is a windows
> program and I am using ubuntu. 

For Avidemux, answer "yes" if you're asked whether you'd like to "use 
another mode which is safe" to help prevent crashes with mkvs.

Per http://winff.org/html_new/  
"WinFF is available for Windows 95, 98 , ME, NT, XP, VISTA, and Debian, 
Ubuntu, Redhat based GNU/Linux distributions."

Having said that, mkvtoolnix is still my tool of choice for extracting 
subtitles from an mkv container.

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