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> So I've done a bit of searching and am really confused as to how to generate soft
> I have some mkv files with subtitles; and things work perfectly in these files (v can
enable or disable) as expected while the movie is playing.
> I want to transencode these files to either mkv or avi to reduce size for portable
If I use -nosub then there are no subtitles.

At least the approach I use is to extract the subtitles from the source,
and after everything is encoded, merge them into the final
output with mkvmerge.
One example:

mkvmerge  -v -o ${FINALFILE}    \
   --noaudio --nosubs ${INTERFILE}     --novideo  ${ORIGINALFILE}   ;

Where ${INTERFILE} has the compressed video format.
Not exactly your most desirable final format, there may be better ways,
but this works for me.

Regards, Dallas E. Legan II / legan at acm.org / aw585 at lafn.org
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