[MPlayer-users] Audio Limiter/Compressor

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Tue Jan 17 10:17:12 CET 2012

> I would really love to know if there is a plugin that would allow me to
> compress and limit the audio to a standard level.

I don't know anything about mplayer's provisions in this regard, but I do  
know that this is often quite difficult to do.

Of course, you can build tools that can do auto level control and  
compression, but it is often surprisingly difficult to make them do a job  
that subjectively sounds right. The human ear, and the complex cerebral  
sensory apparatus behind it, are highly nonlinear and context-sensitive,  
and only some aspects of that changeability are consistent enough to be  
mathematically modeled.

Your situation sounds like it might be one where an approximate result is  
probably good enough, since you aren't exactly broadcasting this stuff and  
there is a huge time sink at stake, but just be aware that it can be very  
difficult to have automated tools do audio level consistency work like  
this and have it come out as you'd like.


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