[MPlayer-users] Mplayer expand to full screen problems.

George R Goffe grgoffe at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 14:49:18 CET 2012


Thanks for your reply.

-vo xv exhibited the same behavior
-vo vdpau produced no display

-vo x11 -zoom worked sort of but the display was offset and didn't appear to show all the "movie" on the display, sort of like if the screen size mplayer saw was larger than the "real" size and the "e" command did not work.

What would I tell a driver developer in terms of "this feature xxx, is broken"?



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> I [..] would like to help [...] by providing [...] information.

Console output of MPlayer would have been a good start.

Anyway, the usual solution to your problem: Use some -vo which can do hardware scaling like xv or vdpau. If you have to use -vo x11, use -zoom to enable software scaling.


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