[MPlayer-users] (no subject)

Ron Johnson ron.l.johnson at cox.net
Thu Aug 23 01:11:53 CEST 2012

On 08/22/2012 05:52 PM, David Chernoff wrote:
> Is there a way to pipe an "avi" file to mplayer
> standard input so that the file plays to completion?
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> When I use mplayer to play the file in question everything works.
> However, when I try to pipe the file to mplayer, it plays
> correctly (for a while) and then quits with End of file.
> This is a big avi file (5.7 GB) which has been "merged"
> from smaller avi files.

How "while" is while?  If 37% then it's because an signed long is 
overflowing.  If 74%, then it's an unsigned long.

If adults of legally sound mind must be told what foods they
are not allowed to buy, then those people are not competent
to choose (i.e. vote for) their own leaders.

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