[MPlayer-users] Packaged regressions

Marc MERLIN marc_mplayer at merlins.org
Thu Aug 9 07:46:07 CEST 2012

On Wed, Aug 08, 2012 at 08:13:43PM +0000, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> (I should have added that the Debian maintainers have repeatedly 
> stated they do not care about such bugs, no matter if they are 
> security relevant or not.)
> As you probably know, FFmpeg is an integral part of the MPlayer 
> source code, your version was compiled against one of FFmpeg's 
> forks. This specific fork is known to contain several hundred 
> regressions, some of them possibly security relevant.
> Fortunately, you don't have to trust my word about this:
> Simply test fixed bugs from the FFmpeg bug tracker with avconv, 
> and open bugs from the fork's bug tracker with FFmpeg. 
> (You can also test open bugs from the FFmpeg bug tracker with 
> avconv and closed bugs from the fork's bug tracker with FFmpeg, 
> but you will not get many interesting results.)
> Also consider testing old open bugs from roundup, some are also 
> only fixed in FFmpeg.
> Of course, not every FFmpeg bug is reproducible with MPlayer, 
> but many are.
> Allow me to add that some people have repeatedly stated that 
> there is (at least) one severe regression in FFmpeg over the 
> mentioned fork; unfortunately, so far nobody was able to 
> explain what this regression is about or how it can be 
> reproduced.

Thank you for that info.

So I'm actually using the custom packages from Christian Marillat who has
doing a much better job than standard debian for maybe 10 years now?


So far, I've been nothing but happy with the packages from Christian, as far
as I know, he'll make the right choices for making the package as good as
possible, and not worry as much about other things :)

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