[MPlayer-users] bugs when displaying album art for mp3, m4a files

Zongyao Qu zongyao.qu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 03:02:15 CEST 2012

I posted a report about this days before,
but when I read it today I found it so hard to understand, 
even by myself. I will refine it.

In the latest ffmpeg and mplayer there added a new feature,
which treats the album art(kind of metadata, which usually
holds the cover image) as a video track, and displays it out.

It is a good feature, but here comes the problem.

mplayer takes the video's pts prior to audio's, so when this
feature added, mplayer will take the pts from the "fake" 
video track, instead of the audio track.

Currently, it seams the pts of the "fake" video track is 
always wrong, which makes ALL the audio files with a album art

I am trying to dig deeper, and is there anyone familiar with 
the implementation of this feature? I am not sure who has
this bug, ffmpeg or mplayer?

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