[MPlayer-users] Message on closing of file

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Wed Aug 1 06:56:24 CEST 2012

Am 31.07.2012 21:44, schrieb Roger Pack:
>> When mplayer opens a file, there are a lot of messages related to this
>> action. I now need to know, in idle mode, when idle mode is actually
>> activated, i.e. when the last file of the playlist has finished playing.
>> Is there a message announcing this event? Which -msglevel module would I
>> have to rise for this message to come up?
> maybe you need to use the slave api to "poll" for current position or what not?

MPlayer tells me a lot of things about what it's doing - so why not also 
a single little message when it's done playing? By polling, processing 
overhead and unneeded granularity is added. If MPlayer would spit out 
that message automatically, it's the cheapest way regarding processing 
cycles, and the way which introduces the least delay.

Now, I'm searching for the string 'EOF reached' with -msglevel 
all=0:demuxer=7 . This serves the purpose almost perfectly, just in some 
occasions this message is issued twice, or it is issued right after 
loading a new file using 'loadfile' slave command, I haven't 
investigated a lot on this. I've just worked around in that way that if 
the message is found, it will be ignored in the next few lines of 
MPlayer's output.

While this seems to be working now, a message like "Entering idle mode" 
would lead to an even cleaner solution.


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