[MPlayer-users] how can i modify the av sync method ?

lean fu fulean at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 16:49:25 CEST 2012

thanks for your reply.

i have ported mplayer to my mobilephone which runs android based armv6.

but the performance is too bad,and i found yuv2rgb take a lot of  time .

the only reanson of using  "-vf format=yv12"  is making mplayer output
yuv data,then

i can implement the colorspace conversion by some more optimized
function rather

than "sws_scale".is this idea correct to improve performance ? another
thing,i didn't

found any  promotion except the distortion after use -framedrop.are there more

suggestion to improve decode performance on arm platfrom ? thanks!

2012/4/13, Krzysztof Duchnowski <amidk75 at gmail.com>:
> On 13.04.2012 12:25, lean fu wrote:
>> following is my setting :
>> "mplayer","-idle","-slave","-osdlevel","0","-vf","format=yv12","-noaspect","-nocorrect-pts","-quiet","-autosync","100","-mc","3.0","-framedrop".
>> i have also tried  "-nosound" instead of  -autosync","100",but not any
>> effect,audio decoded all the same.
>> could somebody tell me how i can solve thie probem ?
> AFAIK MPlayer always sync to audio and there is no settings to change that.
> But 3 seconds A-V correction per frame with framedrop? I suspect it
> drops as hell everything except an I and P frames, and RMVB have allot
> of D frames (it's the main feature of it) that this settings drops.
> If you stop dropping frames then autosync should do the rest.
> I wonder... why do you use "-vf format=yv12" which don't do anything
> except it sets next VF filter in chain to do it's job in yv12
> colorspace, since you don't use any other filters after that...
> As for shutters... VO and AO drivers change maybe?
> What do you use on your ARM machine?
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