[MPlayer-users] ERROR: mencoder may not support libx264.so

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Fri Nov 4 14:48:36 CET 2011

Nicolas George wrote:
> Le quartidi 14 brumaire, an CCXX, Thomas Boehm a écrit :
>> one of the latest updates broke my encoding jobs in MythTV. I'm trying
>> to encode recordings to mkv and get the following error
>> mencoder may not support libx264.so
> Complete and exact command line and output please.

Sorry, I thought this error comes from mplayer. Now I've seen that it
comes from the encoderscript (mythnuv2mkv). It appears after that
command line

ldd /usr/bin/mencoder | grep -i libxx264.....

which returns nothing. Does that mean that x264 support is not compiled in?

> Some packaged versions of MPlayer are known to are broken. Try compiling the
> latest SVN from from sources, after compiling a snapshot of x264 from the
> sources too.

I'm using the packaged version from the MOTU media team

I'll look there for a solution or install mencoder from source as you


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