[MPlayer-users] How to sync mplayer using UDP or local

T.Reifenrath mobil at trinity-solutions.de
Mon May 30 10:57:17 CEST 2011

Thanks for this Info,

I just get the new Version with this Filename: MPlayer-athlon-svn-33488

Tried to play the  4 Videos on a single machine with these batch-files:

mplayer -udp-master  -noborder -geometry 0:0 -vf scale=128:72 Video1_1.mp4

mplayer -udp-slave -noborder -geometry 128:0 -vf scale=128:72 Video1_2.mp4

mplayer -udp-slave -noborder -geometry 256:0 -vf scale=128:72 Video1_3.mp4

mplayer -udp-slave -noborder -geometry 384:0 -vf scale=128:72 Video1_4.mp4

Videos are running after starting the batch-files ( still get a message 
"unsupported Pixelformat 61" / "unsupported Pixelformat 61" )
But they don´t sync with the master.

If I just start one of the slaves and after the master, the slave is waiting 
but does nothing. When the master is finished, the slave ends, too.
But this is only if ONE slave is started. When all slave are started, just 
the first one is waiting while the others are playing.

What is wrong ???

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On 27 May 2011, at 17:25, "T.Reifenrath" <mobil at trinity-solutions.de> wrote:
> C:\smplayer\mplayer>mplayer -vo 
> directx:noaccelaration -noborder -udp-master -udp-ip -geometry 
> 0:0 -vf scale=512:288 Video1_1.mp4
> Unknown option on the command line: –udp-master
> Error parsing option on the command line: –udp-master
> Mplayer Sherpya-SVN-r30369-4.2.5 <C> 2000-2009 Mplayer Team

Well, that should answer it. It's a version from 2009, way too old.
However what I really complained about is that your text seemed to say you 
used -master instead of -udp-master.
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