[MPlayer-users] -rawaudio channel order?

Linards Ticmanis ticmanis at gmx.de
Fri May 13 01:47:00 CEST 2011


does anybody on this list maybe know: What channel order does MPlayer
expect with the -rawaudio option if reading 6 channel PCM data (i.e.
5.1) and then encoding them to AC3 with lavcac3enc? Like this:

> mplayer -demuxer rawaudio -rawaudio channels=6:rate=48000:samplesize=2 -channels 6 -af lavcac3enc=0:448:6 -ao pcm:nowaveheader:fast:file=stream.ac3 -

Is it L R SL SR C LFE? Or something else?

My goal is to produce an AC3 stream that can be used on a DVD and has
the right channel order for that. Feeding it the order given above seems
to put at least C and LFE in the right places (at least I think it
does); but I'm less sure about the other channels. Unfortunately I don't
have a multichannel DVD player setup myself, which makes it hard to get
this right "by ear".

I'd be grateful for any answer, so I'm saying thank you in advance!


Linards Ticmanis

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