[MPlayer-users] can't play megamind or train your dragon on linux (ubuntu 9.04)

a a you2bepie at yahoo.com
Sat May 7 04:03:00 CEST 2011

I recently purchased the blu-ray/dvd combo pack of both of these disks. I normally watch on my linux box. I can read other dvds fine but I cannot read these two dvds. I realize this is likely not directly mplayer issue but unsure of the exact layering. Also I'm unsure if it is a problem with the decryption keys (do they still change keys on plain dvds?) or some other issue (different container or encoding).

I can read the dvds on my window box with total media.

(This is the dvd's  not blu-rays I'm trying to read on linux). I am able to play other dvds such as braveheart and rogerdodger just fine.

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