[MPlayer-users] Mplayer doesn't play RTSP stream anymore...

andrea sarkiaponius at alice.it
Wed Mar 16 08:21:04 CET 2011

First of all many thanks to everyone who answered.

So, it seems that you all can play those streames without any problem.
Since I can, too, but only with totem (gstreamer) and ffmpeg (or
ffplay), the only idea I have is that my ISP, or maybe just my router,
applies some sort of filtering that mplayer run across, while gstreamer
and ffmpeg are not affected.

This should mean that mplayer handles RTSP in a slightly different
manner that the other two.

I should mention that also VLC cannot play those streams. Finally, at
work I have no problems at all, nor I had with my previous ISP.

It seems very hard to solve this issue.

Best regards.

On Mon, 2011-03-14 at 20:54 +0100, andrea wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using mplayer for a long time to listen to or to dump streams
> like the following:
> rtsp://mm6.rai.it/radiofonia/radio3/napoli/uomini_profeti/2010/uomini_profeti2010_09_19.ra
> They are actually Real Audio files that you can only access via RTSP,
> not just download.
> Recently mplayer started to give the following error after some minutes,
> and without playing or downloading anything:
> rtsp: read error.
> librtsp: buffer overflow in rtsp_get
> I really can't figure out what's happening. It cannot be a network
> problem because gstreamer and ffmpeg can play those streams without any
> problem. Unfortunately, both lack an option like -bandwidth which, set
> to a high enough value, allows mplayer to dump a 45 minutes stream in
> about one minute.
> The only two things that happened recently to my system are: 1) I
> changed ISP, now I have TelecomItalia, with a new ADSL router; 2) I
> upgraded my Debian system from Lenny to Squeeze.
> Any suggestion will be much appreciated.
> Best regards.

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