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Sat Jun 18 05:29:49 CEST 2011

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> Hello,
>        Is there anyway to
> automatically play sequential videos on Mplayer? 

Yes, there is a way to do it.  This is what I do in my case, it might help you with it.  Say I have a group of files scene1.avi, scene2.avi, ...., scene20.avi.  I run a find command from the shell
$ find ~/directorywherethefilesareat -iname "*.avi" > .avis-to-be-played
for sequential order I run a sort
$ sort .avis-to-be-played > .playtheavis-sorted
then run
$ mplayer -playlist .playtheavis-sorted
and it would play the titles sequentially.  I add -fs for fullscreen and -stop-xscreensaver also to prevent screen blanking/screensaver to kick in when playing the files.

> Also, what
> about looping through videos?

For this you could use something like -loop X where X is a number specifying how many times you want to loop 
$ mplayer -playlist .videofiles -loop 10
will play the files looping through them 10 times.  
> I would like to keep playing
> family videos randomly, continuosly, it would be great if I
> could launch this from the shell.

use the -shuffle command to randomly play files
$ mplayer -shuffle -playlist .video-files 

with other options that you want/need.  

Hope this helps in some way.



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