[MPlayer-users] UDP -udp-slave video sync

rob at goto10.org rob at goto10.org
Thu Jun 2 20:06:14 CEST 2011

 i've just built the latest mplayer from svn on debian and all went well 
 - my goal was to try and use the -udp-master -udp-slave stuff to sync 
 over the network - but i cant get it to work - when i try

 mplayer -udp-slave myvid.mkv

 then mplayer should apparently freeze on a frame and wait for messages 
 from a  master instance - for me this does not happen - it just plays as 
 normal... i get no error messges about -udp-* even with a -v

 i am doing a project syncing 8 videos/computers/mplayers for an art 
 project - atm i use mplayer in slave mode sending transport messages to 
 the fifo over parallel-ssh which seems to work pretty well... but of 
 course if this udp stuff works then it would be prefereable

 any clues?



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