[MPlayer-users] Great permanent problem with A/V synchro

kapetr kapetr at mizera.cz
Wed Jun 1 07:30:46 CEST 2011


I need yours help.

I have post this for a week, but I get just answers of kind: "do not
use mencoder."
But I can't believe, that really nobody cares about this problem of 
Is here no developer of mplayer listening ?

So once again: 

I often download *.flv from Net. 
But to watch them on my DVD player on TV I need to recode them to
*.avi files (mpeg4).

I use this command:

mencoder xyz.flv -o xyz.avi -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -ffourcc DX50

The problem is, that the audio in *.avi file is in most cases more
or less shifted (e.g  600 ms)!

I have try -vf harddup, but without effect.
The audio shift is same on begin and end of video, so I thing it can
not to do with frame dropping/duplicating, ...

So: why do NOT mencoder preserve correct A/V  synchro as it is in
source file ?

It is TERRIBLE work to find out "-delay" for target *.avi file and
recopy it with "-audio-delay".

PLEASE help! 



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