[MPlayer-users] Problems building mplayer CentOS 5.5 with autodetected "fontconfig"

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Fri Jan 14 22:50:54 CET 2011


> [...]
> did you remove your old fontconfig library? If not, chances are that
> the linker still finds the old one first when linking...
> Be careful however if my assumption is true : it can break dependencies
> to upgrade a shared lib used by installed binaries.

I also think your linker might use an older version that ships with
CentOS. The configure script might not test this particular API.

Apparently FcFreeTypeQueryFace wasn't a public API before fontconfig-2.4.2

A simple way to find out which version ld would use with default

$ cat >> test.c << EOF
int main(int argc,char **argv) { }

$ cc -o test -lfontconfig test.c

$ ldd test

Verify that 'test' links against your installed version, or run nm against
the version it reports and see if it has the symbol.

If not, I still wouldn't advise deleting the CentOS version (if you even
can), your sysadmin wouldn't be happy.

Instead, you can keep your own version somewhere and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
while compiling, and add an appropriate -R flag to configure so that
LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't needed at runtime.


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