[MPlayer-users] Multiplex delay

Rolf Ernst rolf.ernst at silverlightning.org
Thu Jan 6 05:56:22 CET 2011

Sorry to double-post but the question might apply to either list (not sure
which one):

I encode an avi file using mencoder which has an AC3 stream and an h.264
video and is in perfect sync. The dwStart field in the avi stream header for
the ac3 file specifies a delay of xx millisecs.

When I then do an mplayer -dumpaudio - does the dumped ac3 file contain the
necessary stream information for the offset (I don't know much about the
internal ac3 format but I presume it might contain an offset field or audio

The reason I am asking is to find out that when I am multiplexing this again
into an arbitrary other container (does not matter which, let's say matroska
or transport stream) - do I need to set the delay found in the avi header
for the ac3 stream in the new container or has the -dumpaudio already
inserted this information into the ac3 file so I can treat it as starting at
offset 0?

Did I ask this with the necessary clarity?


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