[MPlayer-users] change cache on the fly

sergio mailbox at sergio.spb.ru
Wed Feb 9 19:53:47 CET 2011

On 02/09/2011 09:14 PM, Reimar "Döffinger" wrote:
>> Mplyaer computes cache size automatically on start.
> Uh, no it doesn't.
So why cache size is different in example below?

>> For example when I play local file cache not used. For one http realtime
>> music cache is 180 KBytes with cache-min 20%, and for another 320 KBytes
>> with 0% prefill.

> There is simply no point at all in varying the cache size (except memory usage,
> and possibly bugs). cache-min of course needs to differ.
But if I set cache to 32Mb or 64Mb (I like this numbers, and it's enough for
all my needs) I have problems with network streams. For example the first
stream from the first example, tries to prefill 20%. 7Mb for 96.0 kbit
realtime audio!

It's impossible to set common cache setting in config.

> I was talking about -cache-min, and that wouldn't really do anything until
> the next file.
Sorry, what next file?


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