[MPlayer-users] Timing problem with ASF files

Andrew Savchenko bircoph at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 08:05:41 CET 2011


a friend of mine reported a problem with asf files (asf container,
wvc1 video, wmapro audio) with external subtitles: subtitles are
shifted by -5.5 seconds. This problem is absent with another players
(like VLC or various windows players).

Further investigation showed that both audio and video are in sync
and are playing from the beginning, but video timer starts from
00:00:05, not from 0 second. This leads the first subtitle to be
displayed on 14th second (which is displayed in OSD timer as
00:00:19) instead of real 19th second (which is 24th for MPlayer's

I tried both lavf and asf demuxers as well as ffvc1 and wmvvc1dmo
video codecs, with no luck; -correct-pts does not help either.

Subtitles are attached to this file (they are in Russian, but only
timings should matter). Video is available here (58 MB):
Sorry, I can't split it, because after re-encoding to other format
problem disappears and I do not know Linux tools to split asf/wvc1
without re-encoding.

Best regards,
Andrew Savchenko
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