[MPlayer-users] How to fit video, in mplayer, to full screen keeping aspect ratio and adding the black bars - without stretching

Krzysztof Duchnowski amidk75 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 20:59:21 CET 2011

On 02.02.2011 20:15, film123 at gmail.com wrote:

> DISPLAY=:0 mplayer -fs -slave -quiet -idle -loop 0 -playlist
> /home/barry/playlist1.txt -shuffle -input file=/home/barry/pipe &

> This works except it stretches the image to fit the screen in both
> directions.

Strange, because it works for me and for many others.
What *-vo* are you using?

Post full, uncut mplayer verbose terminal output.
If you using this command in script and do not have any terminal output
then run it that way:

DISPLAY=:0 mplayer -v -fs -slave -quiet -idle -loop 0 -playlist
> /home/barry/playlist1.txt -shuffle -input file=/home/barry/pipe
1>/tmp/mplayer.log 2>&1 &

Run it for feew seconds playback then terminate mplayer and post it on
pastebin (it will be looong log)

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