[MPlayer-users] FAAD: ERROR, too many payload bits read [UPDATE]

Nico Sabbi nicola.sabbi at poste.it
Wed Apr 13 23:38:20 CEST 2011

Newsy Paper ha scritto:
> I taked to Menno Baker and he confirmed it's not a problem of FAAD and that's the reason I can't play that file correctly even with lavf.
> that's what he wrote and I think there is probably a but in TS routines.
>> After fixing some issues in our MPEG parser we have no troubles with
>> these files.  The files have 4 LATM AAC streams, you should probably
>> look for the issue in the MPEG transport stream parser that your
>> software uses. The errors you are getting look like the decoder
>> getting the incorrect setup data, or otherwise maybe even incorrectly
>> synchronized data.
> kind regards
> Newsy

what is it? a LATM stream? That kind of encapsulation is hideously 
and hard to fix, not in a sane way.

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