[MPlayer-users] (no subject)

Uoti Urpala uoti.urpala at pp1.inet.fi
Sat Nov 27 19:46:01 CET 2010

On Sat, 2010-11-27 at 18:19 +0000, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Ken Arromdee <arromdee <at> rahul.net> writes:
> > The file used to work on mplayer from 3/15/2009 (I confirmed it still does).
> > It does not work on the current mplayer.  (svn checkout 11/26/2010)
> I suspect it does work with "-demuxer mov"
> The same problem was reported before for
> [Taka]_Naruto_Shippuuden_148_[720p][E50E7705].mp4, it is FFmpeg issue 2246:
> http://roundup.ffmpeg.org/issue2246

Where did you get that "This is a regression since r22301" in the bug
report from? Can you play this file with ffplay from r22301?

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