[MPlayer-users] Mplayer with Stereoscopic using Vdpau

Cristian Sebastian Rocha cristian.rocha at moldeointeractive.com.ar
Sat Nov 27 11:35:53 CET 2010


You're right. Our approach benefits only a few users, but you can not
get the same functionality with less effort. The problem is not the
output surface, the problem is VDPAU decoder, which can not decode
more than 128 macroblocks (2k pixels), so we use interleaved frames.

The sync for de-interlacing of frames is a big trouble.
You need to know the number of context to show the right picture on
the right side. We modified the mplayer.c to calculate it. And while
it's a horrible patch, it is unable to resolve the timing and frame

You are right, we could use vdp_video_mixer_render to show both sides
in one window. But we divided the frame into two windows because it
was easier to test.  All this effort is not really need, perhaps the
next version does not have this functionality.

Our goal was to achieve a low-cost stereoscopic player, with high
definition and capable of decryption on-the-fly. That is why we
studied several options, where mplayer with vdpau was the best,
although we had to deinterlace.

> Concerning this modification: I think the approach is too much maintainance effort
> considering it would benefit only rather few users. It should be possible to
> get almost the same functionality with a far lower maintainance effort by
> using a Xinerama setup and rendering the alternating frames left-right or
> top-bottom, using the vdp_video_mixer_render function to place them differently
> in the output surface.
> Since the output surface to my knowledge may be at least up to 4k x 4k there
> should be no max resolution issue with that.
> Of course there still would be a lot of small issues, like maybe only updating
> the output once both eyes were rendered, deinterlacing is likely to have issues,
> and of course this format (one frame per eye) will always have a high risk
> that the two outputs will get swapped at some point, particularly seeking in
> combination with variable frame-rate is nearly impossible to get right.
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