[MPlayer-users] Chapters navigation in raw mpeg

Rebel Neurofog rebelneurofog at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 23:57:53 CET 2010

>> >> It seems that 'mplayer dvd:// -dumpstream' keeps chapter information from vobs.
>> >
>> > No it doesn't and it can't.
>> >
>> >> But chapter navgition don't work for raw mpegs.
>> >
>> > There's no way to put chapter information into raw MPEG.
>> >
>> Thanks! I didn't know.
>> But there's a way to detect chapters: timestamps.
> No, that does not work in general. It may if a specific
> authoring tool was used, but there is no technical reason
> why there should be any relation at all.

Yeah, the reason for that isn't clear if didn't work with cameras
saving data into mini-DVD-RWs.
It may be also useful for concatenated mpegs (`cat movie1.mpeg
movie2.mpeg > result.mpeg`).
Well, I guess, it is too specific for MPlayer

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