[MPlayer-users] Transcoding from one aspect ratio to another

Krzysztof Duchnowski amidk75 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 18:48:26 CET 2010

On 03.11.2010 19:30, JD wrote:

> I tried  -vf-add dscale=1280:800:0,scale=0:0,expand=::::::16
> $ mencoder myvid.avi -mf fps=30 -o myvid.mp4 -ovc lavc -lavcopts 
> vcodec=mpeg4 -vf-add dscale=1280:800:0,scale=0:0,expand=::::::16
> MEncoder SVN-r31628-4.4.4 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team
> Option vf-add: dscale doesn't exist.
> Exiting... (error parsing command line)

Sorry, but we don't use MEncoder here.
It was for MPlayer and then streaming it from MPlayer to desired encoder
(x264 for me).

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