[MPlayer-users] rtsp h.264 streaming issue in mplayer

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Fri May 21 09:47:57 CEST 2010

> thanks for the tip. the diagnosis is spot-on. I measured the FPS and
> it's indeed more than 15, (~ 15.13).
> I will test it for 1-2 days continuous run and get back to you.
> -benchmark works as if it has infinite fps. How can I run in this
> _infinite_fps_ mode w/o printing CPU usage data etc. (I want to avoid
> a not-so-flexible solution like -fps 15.2)

I'm playing raw uncompressed video from a fifo. The fifo is filled at
about 10-20 fps (with low light it goes down to 1 fps), and mplayer runs
at -fps 50. I have not noticed any problem with it yet, only the playing
time displayed by mplayer is far to slow, but I don't use that output

Have you tried with -fps 25 or so?


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