[MPlayer-users] Uoti nonsense, and my parting words

RC cooleyr at gmail.com
Thu May 20 11:18:17 CEST 2010

On Wed, 19 May 2010 08:19:33 +0300
Uoti Urpala <uoti.urpala at pp1.inet.fi> wrote:

> It's just not possible to create a competitive version based on svn
> without wasting a lot of effort.

It wouldn't be wasted at all, as far more people would be able to use
it, and more would work on it. It's more of the same, with you being
unwilling to do anything that benefits others, if it might be a little
extra work for you... How's the GUI developing?  How well does your fork
compile with GCC-2.95, or ICC?  How's your fork's performance on a
133MHz PC?  You don't need to answer...

> he only works on the binary loader module (which also has little to do
> with git/svn differences). 

> but they're also the least relevant to git/svn repo differences.

I see.  So you've chosen option B.  All those comitting to SVN, they
aren't developers...  and if they were, those changes can just get
pulled into the GIT repo, because SVN will always be there, and they
won't mind switching over to your fork when the time comes, right?

It's almost ironic that you use that as an excuse, since you personally
chased away several active MPlayer developers some time ago (you
dismissed their important contributions then, too), and subsequently
lost your commit access to ffmpeg for your typical behavior.

I should have taken the hint back then.  The whole community
seems to changed from a fun and exciting place, into a bit of a
death-march. Output to formats other than AVI would be a dammed nice
feature, but with Michael and Rich gone, no sign that it will ever get
fixed.  It seems everyone's treading water until, just maybe, ffmpeg or
something else becomes a better option all around.  I'm not saying
you're personally responsible for the decline of MPlayer, but you sure
had a major impact.  With a record like that, I don't see how you can
believe any project you have any control over could exist with multiple
developers, supposedly working together...

But I digress.  I'm very tired of this same nonsense from you, and since
those responsible here have decided to tolerate it at the expense of all
else, I've decided to unsubscribe from all MPlayer mailing lists, and
will cease to follow development.  A seven and a half year run, coming
to an end...   Can't help but wonder how many hours I've spent over the
years, between testing MPlayer, reporting bugs, reading the lists, and
answering questions.  Best regards to those who have made the project
state of the art, and an exciting place to be, over the years.  I hope
it continues to advance.  To those who remain, good luck, and goodbye.

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