[MPlayer-users] movie from single png image (Daniel Dawson)

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Wed May 19 12:33:34 CEST 2010

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Could that also be done by means of symbolic linking?
Here is a video which I produced from a single image.
But read the notice first.
The notice:
I only began manipulating this. There will be audio.
And of course it differs from what Patrick wants in that I manipulated
the image to pan it in and around a little.
But it is a list of images just the same.
Patrick I believe can do it with a list of symbolic links to the
image, that could speed up the process...
The list can easily be programed to be written in a file with a bash
Also part of the notice is: it is an incomparable better quality
video  which I produced at home.
Google messed it up when I uploaded, I don't know how.
The better quality than with a list of PNG files I got after:
# convert the_file.png the_file.tga
(that's ImageMagick's 'convert' program, I converted all the nearly
1000 png to tga)
and then the line from MPlayer docs, whatever:
mencoder mf://@list_of_files -mf ...etc... tga ... etc...
Nearly 3 GB for 90 sec the size though with TARGA.
But then rencoding it to h264 gave lean and mean file.
I think I'll post it, when I'm done, somewhere as mp4 rather than the
messed up FLV as I posted it now..
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