[MPlayer-users] Clicks in the sound on newer versions of mplayer

John Tomlinson normalblaster-mplayer at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 16 11:11:22 CEST 2010

I use my home dvd recorder to record radio programmes from DVB
broadcasts so I can listen to them later. I then use mplayer to rip the
audio from the recordings to wav files and subsequently to mp3s/ogg
using appropriate encoders.

This worked great when I was on an older distribution of ubunutu (Dapper
- yes, very old I know). Now I am on a modern distribtion (9.10) I am
hearing some small clicks in the play back of the sound. I did not
notice these at first, but now I have noticed them they have suddenly
become very annoying.

To rip the audio I use:
mplayer dvd://n -v -aid 128 -vc null -vo null -ao

Here is a very short recording I made with the old distribution with no


Now compare this with a recording I made from the same DVD using the
version of mplayer that comes with ubuntu 9.10.


There is a definite 'click' as the presenter says "three hundred and
three" near the end of the recording.

I am reasonable confident that the clicks are not the classic 'xruns' as
they always occur at the same point in the play back. They occur even on
normal playback of the original DVD as well.

Any suggestions or config. changes?

John Tomlinson

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