[MPlayer-users] Problems with mplayer and PulseAudio on Ubuntu 10.04

double ninive at gmx.at
Mon May 10 22:00:46 CEST 2010

Am 10.05.2010 21:36, schrieb Reimar Döffinger:
> Simple issue simple solution: Ubuntu as usual completely skipped any and all
> quality checks (though in this case they are not the only ones) and shippes
> a completely broken OpenAL version which does ALSA stuff whenever the library
> gets loaded (whoever came up with this deserves to be banned from any and all
> software development for at least a year).
> If PulseAudio is the only thing that this breaks you're lucky.
> Solutions:
> 1) Remove OpenAL, completely and compile your own MPlayer
> 2) Get a non-broken OpenAL package from somewhere and use that instead
> 3) Use some kind of wrapper library that redirects ALSA accesses or do some
> other thing that makes sure OpenAL can't actually do anything bad to your
> soundcard via ALSA.

Thanks for pointing out.

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