[MPlayer-users] Automatic Video Window Placement

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 00:49:17 CET 2010

When I run mplayer in fullscreen mode with the Gnome desktop using the
default window manager (metacity) the main video window is automatically
placed on the screen.  That's good.

But when I use Gnome with a different window manager, or when I run X11
without Gnome, then I have to click twice in order to place the window on
the screen.  That's no good for me.  If I use the -geometry option, then I
only have to click once.  Still no good.  I'd like to be able to play files from my couch and not require a mouse to place the window on the

Does anyone know how I can force mplayer to do this?  I'm guessing there's
no option avaiable for it, since "everyone" just runs Gnome, and I'll have
to modify the source code.  But, I'm having trouble finding out where the
main window is created.  Does anyone know which source code file contains
the code that creates the main window in X where the video is displayed?


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