[MPlayer-users] RTP streaming problems

Victor lyamtsev vlyamtsev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 17:56:14 CET 2010

I am trying to playback RTP stream ( H.264 video / MP2 audio) from
Video LAN ( following vlc "howto" :
I tested with "vlc client" first: ( e.g. vlc
rtsp:// - works fine )

When I try to make rtsp call to start stream: mplayer
rtsp://, i have following errors: A single
media stream only is supported atm ( what's that suppose to mean?? ).
rtsp_session: unsupported RTSP server. Server type is 'vlc 0.9.4'.
Resolving for AF_INET6...
Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6:
Connecting to server[]: 8080...
Server returned 404: Not found
No stream found to handle url rtsp://

With "wireshark" i can see that "vlc server" is streaming video to
destination port 50000 and audio to dest port 50002;
When i try "mplayer rtp://destination-ip:50000 i can see that player
detects valid video stream:
Stream not seekable!
Stream not seekable!
Stream not seekable!
Stray packet (seq[0]=35346 seq=35303, newseq=-43 found at 12)
Too Old packet (seq[0]=35346 seq=35304, newseq=-42)
Too Old packet (seq[0]=35346 seq=35305, newseq=-41)
Too Old packet (seq[0]=35346 seq=35306, newseq=-40)
But it never pops window to play it.

Is there something different i should do to make it work?

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