[MPlayer-users] dvd playback with a lot more error messages

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Tue Jan 12 00:51:05 CET 2010

I regards to older SVN versions of mplayer, when playing DVDs now on
every seek I get a lot of warning messages which didn't appear earlier,

[mpeg2video @ 0xdc5d80]ignoring SEQ_START_CODE after 100
[mpeg2video @ 0xdc5d80]ignoring seq ext after 100
[mpeg2video @ 0xdc5d80]ignoring GOP_START_CODE after 100
[mpeg2video @ 0xdc5d80]ignoring pic after 100
[mpeg2video @ 0xdc5d80]Missing picture start code, guessing missing values

And on most seeks I get a short buzzing noise in the audio.

Seeking also doesn't work as I am used to (this being with dvdnav).
seeking forward 10 seconds has the buzzing noise and seeks sometimes 10
seconds forward, other times less and less, and pressing the forward
button often it continues to seek to the same position... This being
with normal, simply CSS protected dvd, no fancy other DVD protections.


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