[MPlayer-users] audio leads video

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Sep 10 11:09:00 CEST 2009

Geoffrey Leach <geoff <at> hughes.net> writes:

> > > You should have KTXLtest_1225_for_5_1280x720_60hz_ts.mpeg2
> > 
> > With this sample, I never see framedrops with vo vdpau, vo xv and vo
> > gl (with or
> > without yuv=2). CPU usage is very low (>80% idle, except for
> > gl:yuv=0). The
> > status line reports 0% vo usage with gl:yuv=2, 5% for xv and below 20
> > for vdpau
> > (note that these numbers are never exact, but iirc, it showed 70% for
> > you, which
> > is a problem imo).
> The log file in my original post shows video codec CPU usage of 19% and 
> video_out CPU usage of 75%. Are you referring to the 75%?  And it 
> should be below 20%? If this is so, then is this is the source of my 
> problem?

Imo, yes. You could also look at the numbers for xv and gl and compare them to
the numbers I posted above.


> time mplayer -vc ffmpeg12vdpau  -nosound -benchmark 
> test_episode_1602_1280x720_60hz_ts.mpeg2

I hope this is a typo and you tested KTXLtest_1225_for_5_1280x720_60hz_ts.mpeg2,
the same clip I used (the one you uploaded)...

>   TS_PARSE: COULDN'T SYNC 98%  0.0% 0 0
>   V:19687.8 3404/3404  0% 98%  0.0% 0 0

But I see now that the clip you offered me only has 1688 frames, so I believe
now I did not spend my time in a very useful way!!

> BENCHMARKs: VC:   0.205s VO:  55.693s A:   0.000s Sys:   0.871s =   56.769s
> BENCHMARK%: VC:  0.3610% VO: 98.1044% A:  0.0000% Sys:  1.5346% = 100.0000%
>   real  0m56.947s
>   user  0m0.842s
>   sys   0m0.365s
> Could you interpret this for me?

[The following paragraph of course only made sense as long as I thought we
tested the same sample]
It means that your system needs 56 seconds to play (the video of) this 30 second
60fps sample. It takes 20 seconds for me, no matter which (useful) vo and no
matter which (working) vc I use. Do you know the refresh rate of your screen?
Mine is 85Hz which means there is plenty of time to output nearly 60 frames per
For vo vdpau, you could try

Carl Eugen

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