[MPlayer-users] no display of VOB subtitle streams

Steve Dibb beandog at gentoo.org
Mon Mar 30 23:16:07 CEST 2009

> Steve Dibb pisze:
>> But, in my experience, mplayer has never played a subtitle track by
>> default unless it was requested -- either using -sid, -slang or
>> switching
>> to it using slave mode or the keyboard.
>> Take, for example, when you play a DVD with subtitles.  mplayer dvd://
>> with no arguments wouldn't automatically display them for your default
>> language.  That is not the case with the Matroska files.  You have a
>> .mkv
>> with a VOBSUB track that is being displayed by default.
> DVD subtitle engine is conpletelly different and separate engine in
> MPlayer. You can't compare its work. The fact that someting works one
> way in one engine is not mean that it will work that same way in other.

It's a matter of consistency, not code.

If an A/V file has a subtitle stream, which is not a forced sub -- do we
display it by default?

Simple as that. :)


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